I'm New.

What Should I Expect?

You should expect to be greeted and welcomed warmly by some very loving and excited people.

Encounter God Church does not have a fixed service format or length, though a typical service lasts 80 to 100 minutes.  We believe in letting the Holy Spirit have His way in every service.  This will usually, but not always, include praise and worship (which usually incorporates both original and other contemporary music and often includes songs written on the spot), bold preaching of God's Word, and manifestations of the Holy Spirit such a prophecy, words of knowledge and gifts of healings.

 Our dress code is YES.  (You must be dressed to attend EGC.  Nudity is prohibited.) Other than that, wear whatever makes you comfortable!

If you don't know Jesus personally, we'll be happy to introduce you!  Receiving Him as Lord of your life is the best thing you can ever do.  If you already know Jesus but are not baptized with the Holy Spirit, we'd be delighted to help you receive that wonderful gift.  If you need healing in your body or your emotions, many people in the room would be honored to minister to you as Jesus' authorized representatives.  We will always make time for anyone who wants prayer.

We gather Sundays at 4pm at American Legion Post 61 318 N. Church St.  Mountain City, TN  37683.
We gather Thursdays at 7pm at 400 Mink Hills Rd.  Mountain City, TN  37683

How To Contact Us

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